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How a Milwaukee mom turned misfortunate into new beginnings

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For Susannah Lago, a layoff from her corporate job and personal grief hit hard all at once. But it caused her to pause and take inventory of what’s most important in her life, and led her to become an innovative entrepreneur and creating a network to help other area moms do the same

Mark Bush: Living and working to be purposeful

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Mark Bush’s childhood started with tragedy. Orphaned at age 3, his life could have headed in the wrong direction early on. But a positive new home, new mindset, and unmatched work ethic led him to a life of military service and entrepreneurship with a common purpose: Live every day to be purposeful.

Caregivers rise to the occasion when needed most

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The rapid spread of COVID-19 quickly put pressure on nursing homes across the country to make sure they kept clients safe. For caregivers with At Home Nursing in California, it was no issue. They were ready to go above and beyond.

Catering company steps up in grocery shortage

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Relish Catering Kitchen is used to providing food for large events and parties – something the COVID-19 crisis wiped away for now. But that didn’t mean the company was going to quit on its customers. Instead, they’re changing the business model to deliver essentials in the dire situation. “Once shelter in place hit, all of […]

A non-profit fights for foster kids amid crisis

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Friends of San Pasqual Academy has always gone the extra mile to provide resources for foster children in need. When the COVID-19 crisis hit, that didn’t change. It grew. “Friends of San Pasqual Academy is a 501c3 nonprofit that provides all the ‘extras’ that a child needs to have a normal high school experience and […]

IL freight company balances risks, responsibilities while navigating COVID-19

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Businesses and community leaders have had to adapt the best they can during the COVID-19 crisis. Here is one story – of JA Frate in Crystal Lake, Illinois – that is facing safety risks while trying to remain committed to their critically important job. Story told by JA Frate President, Jill Dinsmore. “Everyone who can […]

New app keeps food trucks afloat amid COVID-19

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NOMAD, a food truck ordering app, is using their technology to help these small businesses survive while Americans are sheltering in place. “We thought ‘it’d be great if there was an app where you could find out where food trucks are, order through the app, pay through the app, and get a push notification when […]

Choosing extraordinary: Sarah Kate Holmes

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Sarah Kate Holmes knew she always wanted to work in beauty and hair, but getting to where she wanted took twists and turns, both personally and professionally. But after she took the first risk by opening her own salon, she began to get to know her customers and their needs in the hair care field. […]

John Dvorak: How drive, passion and entrepreneurship have led to a business saving lives

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John Dvorak started his business above his Dixon, Illinois garage in the mid-90s, never letting the possibility of failure creep into his mind. It’s now not only grown tremendously, but has helped build a safer world.

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