Ray McCullough: Becoming a Helping Hand

Ray McCullough didn’t grow up in the best environment and never saw a bright future for himself. But after hitting rock bottom and spending time in prison, he had a wake-up call. He realized if he just committed himself to work hard and change his ways, he could find a way to help the world around him. And entrepreneurship provided that path.

Wax On Wax Off: How Mark Shaw paved his own way

Mark Shaw wasn’t comfortable with the possibility he might be somebody else’s employee for life. So he took a simple idea – running a car wash – and with his persistence and hard work turned it into a thriving business of his own.

How a treacherous journey and 6 diamonds led to a life of prosperity

Mali Digius and her family fled the Iranian revolution with very few possessions. The only thing Mali grabbed was six diamonds hidden in a toothpaste tube. As they hopped from country to country – eventually leading to the United States – those diamonds kept them alive, and lead them to a life of entrepreneurship and prosperity.